Spagyricus School of Alchemy

Continuing the tradition of Paracelsus

About Me

Hi! My name is Robert Bartlett. I'm a practicing alchemist, author, and natural born scientist. My interest in geology and the sciences in general prompted me to construct my own home laboratory when I was only 9 years old. 

My interest in the ancient use of natural materials lead me to the study of alchemical works at the age of 12 and it has become my lifelong passion. In 1974, I left San Jose State University to pursue an intensive course of alchemical study at the Paracelsus Research Society (later Paracelsus College) under the guidance of Dr. Albert Reidel (Frater Albertus). 

We have continued this tradition with the Spagyricus School of Alchemy, passing on scientific experience and knowledge to a new generation of students.

Come to Class!

Are you new to Alchemy? Or do you have some experience but want to accelerate your independent work? 

Spagyricus aims to provide world-class Alchemical education on the history, philosophy and practicality of Alchemy.

This program is demanding... however, it is formatted in such a way that you can perform experiments from home, and still maintain balance in your personal and work life.

Seize the opportunity to work with me directly and take learning into your own hands.

The school has a limited number of student enrollments at this time... will you be among them?

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By subscribing to Spagyricus School of Alchemy, you have access to exclusive esoteric and exoteric content, courses, and community. You also support the continuation of the ancient mystery schools. These philosophies, practices and artistic endeavors have been protected and preserved orally, passing on through the generations of initiation. 

Thank you.


Spagyricus School of Alchemy Schedule Overview (6 Month Intensive)

(Dates of live calls will be every other week on the same day. The foundation of the course is pre-recorded. Content will be added as the class comes to life and we see where the interest of the group takes us.)

Please post specific questions about the lessons at the bottom of the lesson itself by adding a comment, this helps not only you, but other students as well. Sometimes we have the same question. Lets reduce redundancy together and support Robert and the Spagyricus Administration.

Module 1: (Feb 1st - Feb 28th)

  • Syllabus reveal
  • Reading list
  • Orientation to the program
  • Supplies and Resources
  • What is alchemy? 
  • How I got into Alchemy... 
  • History of alchemy intro 
  • Begin a simple spagyric 

Module 2: (March 1st - March 14th)

  • (FIRST LIVE CLASS CALL- Opening the circle)
  • Prima Materia 
  • Pillars of Hermetic Philosophy 
  • Begin a full spagyric using a clevenger
  • Guerrilla alchemy techniques (Teapot Still) 

MODULE 3: (March 15th-March 28th)

  • Deep dive into glassware and lab equipment 
  • More Prima information
  • Begin calcination
  • (THIRD LIVE CLASS- Cohobate first spagyric together. Q&A)

MODULE 4: (March 29th-April 11th)

  • Harvesting plants
  • Essential oil (sulfur) Distillation 
  • Copper still introduction 
  • Begin a vegetable stone 
  • Further instructions on Spagyrics

MODULE 5: (April 12th-April 25th)

  • Fermentation 
  • Spirit (Mercury) Distillation 
  • Planetary Correspondences 
  • 7 Basics 

MODULE 6: (April 26th-May 9th)

  • More calcination and cohobation 
  • Further purification of salts 
  • Temper of Herbs 
  • Humoral Balance Charts 

MODULE 7: (May 10th-May 23rd)

  • Further processes 
  • Salt of Sulfur 
  • Formulations and Eye of Horus 
  • Arthriticum Formula 
  • Quintessence 

MODULE 8: (May 24th-June 6th)

  • Secret Fire
  • How to dry Alcohol 
  • Degrees of Fire 
  • Ayurvedic Herbology/Doshas 

MODULE 9: (June 7th-June 20th)

  • Ens
  • Vegetable Radical Menstruum (VRM) 
  • Make glacial acetic acid 
  • Alchemy symbols 
  • Alchemy vocabulary 

MODULE 10: (June 21st-July 4th)

  • Further work on Ens and VRM

MODULE 11: (July 5th-July 18th)

  • Finish Ens and VRM 
  • Work on wrapping up other processes 
  • Aphrodisiacs 
  • Golden Chain of Homer 
  • (ELEVENTH LIVE CLASS - Q&A - Finishing projects) 

MODULE 12: (July 19th-July 29th)

  • Introduction to Secunda Work with experiment demos 
  • Finish wrapping up projects in process
  • Grimoire Reveal 
  • Robert shares some personal favorite formulations
  • (FINAL CLASS - Graduation ceremony and what’s next?) - Diplomas mailed.  


Disclaimer: Some curriculum is subject to change. This is a general overview. We’re all human here. Give yourself time and dedication to complete processes, “Haste makes waste” pace yourself.

Robert is only one person. Please remember this and be respectful of his time on live calls. Make sure to watch the relevant pre recorded videos in their entirety before asking questions in the live classes.

We can promise this experience will be life changing and beyond any practical education you can receive anywhere else. 

If you put in the work, the rewards are without bounds.